Is your IT Department enthusiastic or growing weary? As small and medium sized businesses grow and start to hire Internal IT departments, company leaders tend to think that an IT department with 1-2 people can handle all the technology needs of the company. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.  Here is a sampling of some of the IT support needs a medium sized business would need – VoIP phone management, internet recommendations, database management, employee IT support, email management, IT maintenance, antivirus and antimalware protection, disaster and recovery plans, HIPAA or PCI compliance, networking, hardware recommendations, social media tools, server reinstalls, firewall management, email or other migrations, policy management, password resets, printer/fax knowledge, operating systems, industry specific software applications and more.  It is near impossible for 1 employee or a couple to have all this expertise.   In addition, technologies are constantly changing and require IT departments to stay up to date on the most cost-efficient technologies but few have time to do training and keep up with work demands. This frequently results in increased costs and decreased productivity due to outdated technologies.

We also frequently see internal IT staff that are burned out and lack enthusiasm for their job due to the constant demands and lack of real time off. If several hundred employees are relying on 1 person, that person is typically on call for any emergencies after hours and while on vacation and doesn’t get the time off he or she needs to be refreshed.

So, what does a partnership with an IT company such as 43Tc look like? There are 2 ways to partner. The first option would be augmenting your current staff.  At 43Tc, we perform a network assessment, interview staff members and provide feedback and suggestions based on that assessment.  From there, we work together to find the best partnership.  For example, you may choose to utilize the 43Tc Service desk to be on call while your IT staff take a vacation.   Other businesses prefer 43Tc to be their Support Desk so staff can focus on priority projects.  In turn, some businesses like to leverage our expertise in a consulting role while they continue managing support.  Our backup and data recovery is a popular choice among Internal IT staff as it is only available through IT partners such as 43Tc and not possible for companies outside our industry to obtain.  Wouldn’t it be great to recover all your data within 15 minutes?

Some businesses prefer to outsource their IT completely.  The benefits to outsourcing the IT department would be reduced operating costs, access to a team of experts, reduced risk and refocus your priorities on your business. It’s hard to know everything about everything.

Whether you are considering augmenting your current staff or completely outsourcing your IT department, 43Tc can help.