43Tc is a leading IT service provider dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their objectives by providing them with the same level of IT service and support as large enterprises. 43Tc provides tailored IT solutions, including a full range of Managed Services, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Cloud Integration, VoIP, IT Consulting and Website Development.

The Name is always a big question for customers, so we thought we should clear the air. 43Tc is the element symbol and atomic number for Technetium. The name fit well with Technical and Networking. However, the name proved to be a little difficult to spell, and 43Tc became the official name back in 2001.

The History dates back to 2000 when Matt McDermott founded the company providing technology services to enterprise customers and software companies. His knowledge and experience working with Microsoft on new technologies were the basis of a consulting company. 43Tc has evolved from a small IT consulting company to a prominent, full service IT provider headquartered in Columbia, MO with locations in St. Louis, MO and Seattle, WA. The team has flown over 2 million miles working in more than 20 countries.

The Technology has always been the focus at 43Tc, where expertise goes beyond helping our customers to helping everyone in the community. Our founder has been awarded the App-V MVP status from Microsoft for six years. 43Tc started working with cloud computing before it was a buzz word with companies like Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware.

The People at 43Tc are dedicated professionals with experience across industries with proven results providing technology solutions built for business. Everyone at 43Tc was selected based on their passion for customer service and business acumen.

Today 43Tc provides solutions that provide Enterprise services tailored for small and medium sized business needs and budgets. These solutions have been built from the ground up utilizing the latest and most cost effective technology from the cloud.